Bugfix release:

  • Fix shortlog for first tag in repo (#30)

$ git shortlog -s v1.5.1...v1.5.2
     3  John Reese
     2 bot


Bugfix release

  • Fix attribution init for projects with no version tags (#26)

  • Better namespace guessing for projects with dashes in their names

  • Improved pyproject.toml format from attribution init

$ git shortlog -s v1.5.0...v1.5.1
     5  John Reese
     2 bot


Feature release

  • New option “signed_tags” to choose between signed and annotated tags (#1)

  • tag command will abort early if the requested tag already exists

  • Improved config documentation

$ git shortlog -s v1.4.0...v1.5.0
     4  John Reese
     1 bot


Feature release:

  • New “init” command to setup pyproject.toml and create

  • Switches from toml to tomlkit

$ git shortlog -s v1.3.1...v1.4.0
     6  John Reese
     1 bot


Bugfix release

  • Fix writing file when no [tool.attribution] table found (#16)

  • More debug logging, send debug output to stderr

$ git shortlog -s v1.3.0...v1.3.1
     5  John Reese


Feature release

  • Added version_file option in pyproject.toml to disable writing (#12)

  • Added sphinx documentation for the package

  • Tested on Python 3.9a (#15)

$ git shortlog -s v1.2.0...v1.3.0
    14  John Reese
     6  Mark Rofail
     5 bot


Feature release:

  • Move to subcommands for CLI actions

  • attribution generate will now generate the CHANGELOG content

  • Can pull project name from pyproject.toml (

  • Added tag command to bump __version__, generate commit, changelog, and tag

$ git shortlog -s v1.1...v1.2.0
    13  John Reese


Bugfix release

  • Fix install_requires to correctly list attrs and jinja2

$ git shortlog -s v1.0...v1.1
     5  John Reese


Initial release

  • Generates changelog from git tags with hardcoded template and format

$ git shortlog -s v0.0...v1.0
     1  John Reese


Placeholder release

  • Name claimed on Github!

$ git shortlog -s v0.0
     5  John Reese